global missions

There are several ways to pray at this station.

1. Pray for people groups around the world.

Take a people group profile card from this table and pray for those specific people to hear the Gospel and come to know and follow Jesus.

  • Global: Choose a card from the left side of this table. Place a pin on the world map for the country those people are from.
  • United States: Choose a card from the right side of this table. Place a pin in any state on the U.S. map.

* Please take multiple cards home with you and continue praying for them throughout the year.


2. Pray for persecuted Christians around the world.

 Visit the table on the left and take a guide that will help you cover our brothers and sisters with prayer.

3. Use the prayer suggestions printed on the counter or the coffee bar.


4. Use the descriptions below to pray for some of Plum Creek's mission partners.

Dominican Republic

Plum Creek has supported Eastern Dominican Christian Mission for over 20 years.  What started as one church in La Romana now has grown to 5 churches, medical clinics, water treatment facilities, and schools.  Most of the work in the Dominican Republic has been handed over to indigenous workers who are under the guidance of Ryan VandeLinde, EDCM Director.  Plum Creek plans to take a short-term trip to the DR in 2024.

-Pray for Ryan to have wisdom in how to lead EDCM as the churches continue to raise up indigenous workers and become self-sufficient.

-Pray for Harold Diaz, the emerging indigenous leader of the churches in the DR.

-Pray for EDCM churches to grow in passion for reaching unreached people groups around the world.

-Pray for EDCM leaders to have wisdom in finding ways to become self-sufficient.


Plum Creek supports several mission partners through a ministry called Disciple Makers. One of these is the Missionary Training Center, located in Yangon, Myanmar. This school trains evangelists to reach people for Christ in this majority Buddhist country. The ministry was founded by Victor Mang, who passed away several years ago. The work has continued under Niang Mang (Victor's widow) and other leaders.

-Pray for Niang Mang and other leaders at MTC, that God would give them strength, courage, and wisdom for this challenging work.

-Pray that God's kingdom will grow in the country of Myanmar, where only about 8% of people claim to be Christians.

-Plum Creek will be sending a short-term mission team to Myanmar in September 2024.  Pray for that team to be an encouragement to Niang, MTC, and the local church.  Pray for them to bring new energy to reaching unreached people in Myanmar.


Plum Creek supports Tom & Sheila Anderson in Jalapa, Guatemala.  Tom & Sheila oversee the Puentes Training Center in Jalapa.  Here, Latin American young adults are trained to be missionaries in the least reached places on earth.  These students are trained in English, Fund Raising, and Mission Work.  They learn these skills over the course of a few months.  They then go to an unreached area for an internship.  Once the internship is complete, these students begin raising support to become missionaries.  We are sending missionaries out to the least reach parts of the world from central America.  Plum Creek sent a short-term team to visit Guatemala in 2022.

-Pray for Tom & Sheila by name.  Pray for them to be encouraged by our support and that they continue to grow the Puentes Ministry in Jalapa.

-Pray for the current Puentes students, that they will be encouraged to continue the work God began in them.

-Pray for new Puentes students, that even now God will begin raising up a new class for Tom & Sheila to train for mission work.

-Pray for God to raise up an additional missionary to move to Guatemala to help Tom & Sheila with the college.

-Pray for retired teachers in the United States to commit to going to Jalapa for one month each fall to help with English training for the students.

North Africa

The work in north Africa is very sensitive.  We can't write the names of our missionaries there... we can't even name the location.  We call it Liberty.  Liberty is a country that is less than 1% Christian.  It is believed that no Christian Churches exist within the country.  Our team on the ground is working to establish a church to reach this people group.  Plum Creek sent a short-term team to Liberty in 2022.

-Pray for the three families of missionaries who are on the ground in Liberty.  Pray for them to be protected from persecution.  Pray that they stay focused and encouraged in this difficult task.

-Pray for the team to have the courage to continue boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus in spite of it being illegal to do so in this country.

-Pray for the very first Libertine to be accept Jesus and be baptized in 2024


Nepal is in Asia between India and China.  Hinduism is woven into almost every part of Nepali culture.  It is illegal to evangelize in Nepal.  The work there is very sensitive and difficult.  In Nepal, we support a network of mission workers who are training up indigenous workers who are planting churches all over the country.  Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of Christians in Nepal.  Because of this exciting work, the Nepali church is now among the fastest growing in the world.  Plum Creek plans to send a short-term team to Nepal possibly in 2025.

-Pray for our efforts to train indigenous pastors for new churches in Nepal.  Pray for the leader of this effort.

-Pray for God to raise up interns from the United States to go survey new locations for churches.

-Pray for God to use Latin American interns to grow the church in Nepal.

-Pray for the new Christians in Nepal - that they would be encouraged and remain strong in their faith in spite of persecution.

United States

As we pray for other countries around the world, we also pray for the United States. Here are some specific ideas for how to pray:

  • Pray for more and more people to know God's mercy, compassion, slowness to anger and richness in grace (Psalm 103).
  • Pray for the church in the US, that we would have strength, courage and obedience to live out Jesus commands in this period of time and place for each of us. Pray that we would be fervent and persistent praying for the church in the US.   
  • Pray that we would be bold in speaking love to unbelievers and in doing so radiate the peace and love of Jesus to those who don't know him or reject him altogether.