Thank you for participating in our 24 Hours of Prayer event.  A group of volunteers has put together different prayer areas to help guide you on your 30 minute prayer journey.  Feel free to visit every station, or just stay at one station the entire time.  How you go through the prayer journey is up to you!  The only thing we DO ask is for you to start at one station (candles) and end at one station (prayer flags).  Scroll down to see an explanation and location of each station.  There are also links that will guide you through what each station represents and some prayer tips for that area.  Spend as much or as little time as you like at each station. 


This prayer guide is intended to help you find locations and give you ideas about how to pray.  You don't have to follow it exactly.  In fact, you don't have to go to ANY of the stations if that's what you choose.  The stations are to help you with ideas.  You have the freedom to pray about whatever God has put on your heart.  In fact, there is no way to get through all the stations in 30 minutes.  So relax, look through this page and see if there are things that are of particular interest to YOU.  Most importantly - LISTEN to what God is saying to you.  Really try to take some time to hear what God wants to say to you.  Feel free to just find a seat in the auditorium or gathering area to just listen to God.  That's prayer too!

Candles -

Starting Point

It should be obvious where to begin.  The candle station.  Here, just start to clear your mind for the prayer journey you are about to take.  Spend a few minutes in front of the candles meditating on what you are here for.  Candles seem to have a calming effect.  Ask God to clear your mind of all the thoughts and worries that occupy you.  Ask him to make ONLY him the focus of the next 30 minutes.  Take deep breaths... with each exhale, let go of specific worries.  Work, family, household chores, financial concerns, health issues.  Before moving on, try to only think about God... how much he loves you... and how you can give him glory through the next 30 minutes.

You could easily spend all your time in this room if you choose.

There are 6 areas in the auditorium to pray, with instructions at each station.

  1. The Well - as you enter the room, take some time to let go of your burdens and give them over to God. For specific instructions of what to do at the well, click here.
  2. The Prayer Wall - read prayer requests left over the last few months.  Pray for those requests.
  3. The Pulpit - Stand on stage behind the pulpit and put yourself in the preacher's shoes. Pray that God's Word will be clearly proclaimed at Plum Creek in 2024. Pray also for the staff and elders of Plum Creek, as well as future leaders to be sent out from our church.
  4. The Baptistry- Pray that God will bring new people to Plum Creek who will accept Jesus for the first time in 2024.
  5. Sit in a seat.  The screens are scrolling through Scripture.  Take some time to read those passages and pray that God's Word will be clearly proclaimed to all who sit in those seats in 2024.
  6. The "One" Lost Sheep - Go to the IMAGINE wall and stand next to the one sheep that's separate from the others. For specific instructions of what to do next, click here.

Family Room -

Room 104

In the family room, we ask you to spend time praying for families in our community and in our church.  Make yourself comfortable in the family room.  Look around the room and think about ways you could pray for families in our community and church.  You might even pray for specific families by name or your neighbors who you might not know.  For more ideas on how to pray for families, click here.

At the Global Mission prayer station, we want to guide your prayers to the unreached people of the world.  There are more than 8,000,000,000 (8 billion) people in the world.  About 25% of the world's population claim to be followers of Jesus.  Another 35% of the world's population have had the opportunity to hear about Jesus, but have chosen not to follow him.  That leaves 3.2 billion people who have no access to the gospel... they have no Bible in their language... no church in their community... many of them have never heard the name Jesus.  Pray for these people.  Pray for our missionaries working to reach them.  For specific instructions about this station, click here.

NextGen ministries -

kids town check-in

At the Plum Creek kids check-in counter, pray for the children, students, and families that come into contact with our church and the Kids at the Creek Daycare. For specific ideas to pray about, click here.

Pray for our schools.  Enter the classroom and find 5 "Prayer Activity Cards".  These cards will direct you to pray for different aspects of our local schools.  You might pray specifically for teachers, school staff, and students.  The cards will direct you to pray for 1) Teachers; 2) School Leaders; 3) School Safety; 4) Support Staff; 5) Students. For more detailed ways to pray for our schools, click here.

Churches & Non-profits - Room 102-103

In this room, we will pray for charities in our area.  This room is representative of what it might be like to serve at one of our local agencies.  As you walk through this room, pray for agencies you are aware of that provide services to our neighbors.  Some examples of those agencies are: Freestore Foodbank, Ronald McDonald House, Master Provisions, Matthew 25 Ministries, The Plum Creek Sharing Center.  Pray these agencies have the finances and people power to accomplish their missions of doing good in our communities.  This is also an opportunity to pray for other churches in our communities.  Consider the churches you passed on your way here or on your way to work every day.  Pray for those churches to impact our community for Jesus.  For more information or guidance for praying in this room, click here.

Prayer matters.  Thank you for taking this journey to pray for our community, our church, families, schools, and unreached people groups around the world.  To close your prayer journey - take a few minutes to write a few words of prayer - something that impacted you tonight - on a prayer flag.  Hand the flag on one of the ropes with the clothes pins provided.  For more information about our prayer flags, and ideas of what to write, click here.