Following Jesus

Churches and people have made following Jesus complicated.  Their intentions were usually good, but the complexity of how they built "church" became a barrier for people.  At Plum Creek, the leaders decided to get back to basics and search the Bible for a clear and simple framework to build what we do.  This is how we help one another follow Jesus.

The One

Luke 15

We are on mission with Jesus.  He said he came to seek and save the lost.  Then he told us to go make disciples, baptize, and teach.  This is why we focus on serving others.

Catalytic Weekends

During our weekend services, we lift Jesus up.  When Jesus is lifted up, he draws people to himself.  Then God works through his Spirit to make a powerful, catalytic, spiritual experience.  This is why we put so much emphasis on Sunday mornings!  It's an environment where followers of Jesus and people investigating Jesus can have a life-changing experience with God.

Life-Changing Relationships

Followers of Jesus are best made in the context of relationships.  God's Spirit works through relationships in unique ways.  We are better together.  This is why we put so much emphasis on small groups.  LifeGroups meet weekly, usually in a home, and explore more deeply what it means to follow Jesus.

Surrendered Living

When we apply God's Word to our lives, he changes us and makes us more selfless (like Jesus) over time.  He uses this life-changing surrender to build his church and accomplish his purposes around the world.  At Plum Creek, that looks like serving other followers of Jesus (Kids Ministry, Guest Services); serving our community (Sharing Center, WISH); and serving our world (Short-term Mission Trips).