Serve with Us

Serving others is in our DNA.  When God created us, he hard wired us to want to serve others.  It's who we are.  It's what gives us a sense of accomplishment, meaning, and belonging in the world. 

When we serve, it's a sacrifice of our time and resources.  We call this surrendered living.  God uses this surrendered living to bring about two things: 1) It draws new people to him and his church; and 2) He changes US through the sacrifice we make.

Sharing Center

Providing Groceries to our Neighbors

On the third Saturday morning of each month, the Sharing Center team provides groceries to our neighbors at The LifeCenter.  Nearly 100 families come each month to get food.  When they arrive, they experience the love of Jesus through relationships with our Plum Creek Team.  Interested in joining our team?  Contact Jared Perkins -


International Student Ministry with NKU

Plum Creek partners with other area churches to serve international students at Northern Kentucky University.  Many of these students are an entire world away from their home and families.  We can help with simple things... like giving rides, sharing meals, or just building relationships that help ease the effects of homesickness.  If you would like to get involved in WISH, please contact Jared Perkins -

Emergency Response Team

Serving those impacted by natural disasters

Since the Falmouth flood in 1997, Plum Creek has had a passion for serving those effected by natural disasters.  During the flood, Plum Creek was the northern hub for all resources going into Butler and Falmouth.  Now, every time there is a disaster in the eastern part of the United States, Plum Creek forms teams to go help.  If you would like to join this team and be trained for the next trip, please contact Jared Perkins -