Pray for Schools

Some people say that the heart of a community is the local school.  At Plum Creek, we desire that our schools are a great place for kids to learn and adults to work. 


In this room, you will find five “Prayer Activity Cards” (the first one is on the door).  Imagine yourself in a school classroom, find the cards and pray for the items listed on those cards. 


If you know specific students or school staff, pray for them by name.

Ideas to Pray for Schools

The activity cards will mention the following:

1. Teachers

2. School Leadership

3. School Safety

4. Support Staff

5. Students

Pray for people you know who attend or work at schools by name.

Pray for schools in your neighborhood or ones you pass as you go about your week.

Our local schools:

Grant's Lick Elementary

Campbell County Middle School

Campbell County High School

Reiley Elementary

Cline Elementary

Crossroads Elementary

Campbell Ridge Elementary

Northern Elementary (Pendleton)

Southern Elementary (Pendleton)

Sharp Middle School (Pendleton)

Pendleton County High School