Pray for Plum Creek

You could spend your entire 30 minutes in the auditorium.  There are five different areas to pray over.  The easiest path is to go left, and make a circle.  There are instructions at each station:

1. Prayer Wall

2. Pulpit on Stage

3. Baptistry

4. Imagine Wall

5. Sit in a Seat (instructions at the Imagine Wall)

But you can pray through the room any way you like.  Below are some other ideas of what to pray for in this room.

Prayer Ideas for Plum Creek

-Pray for our staff: Doug, Jared, Jimmy, David, Byron, Amy

-Pray for our Elders: Lenny, Steve, Kent, Bryan, Ron, Nathan

-Pray for our Children's Ministry

-Pray for our Student Ministry

-Pray for the Outreach we do in the local community

-Pray for our day care Kids at the Creek

-Pray for our influence in our community

-Pray for people to come here and commit to Jesus

-Pray for our small groups to help people at Plum Creek grow deeper

-Pray for our worship services to engage people and bring them to the throne of God