In the countryside of Nepal, you will see colorful prayer flags hanging at a slight angle from trees, buildings, or poles. Traditionally hung after the Tibetan New Year on January 1, the flags contain blessings, prayers, and related symbols written by Buddhists who believe the wind carries them into the universe. Let us claim this tradition for the One True God.  Throughout the prayer event, we will build a line of pray flags to the True God.  Add your prayer by going to the table and:

  1. Select a piece of fabric.
  2. Write your prayer or blessing as you pray.
  3. Hang your Prayer Flag on the line.
  4. Read and pray over other flags on the line.
  5. Depart in peace

Ideas for Prayer Flags

-Write a prayer about something that impacted you during your prayer journey today

-What area had the most impact?

-You might just write the names of local schools on your flag

-You might write the names of missionaries are areas that are unreached.

-Maybe there was something specific about your prayers for Plum Creek that you want to include.

-You might write the name of a local organization that serves our community.

-You might pray for your neighbors by writing your street name.

-Please be discrete with your flag - we will leave these up for Sunday.