Family Room

Family can mean a lot of things: blood relatives, friends like family, neighbors that are like family. 


Is there any Family on your heart to pray for? 


You are welcome to use the slides for ideas on what to pray for. 


There are some comfy chairs to relax in. 


Thank you for visiting, and praying with us.


-Pray for any family that is on your heart today

-Pray for the families that attend Plum Creek

-Pray for the families whose children attend our day care - Kids at the Creek

-Pray for families who have lost children

-Pray for military families

-Pray for single parents

-Pray for families who have adopted children

-Pray for families who have lost loved ones recently

-Pray for families to have financial health

-Pray for families who are dealing with physical sickness

-Pray for families who need relational healing