Pray for Churches and


In this room envision and pray for each charity in our region. Every item is an essential item that needs donated somewhere near you. Not included is your time, your voice, your hands, your skills, your wallet, or your patience. Pray for the little hands that will fill the gloves. Pray for the feet that will fill those socks. Pray for the youth in children's homes or inmates whose clothes will fill those laundry bags and duffle bags. Pray that God will reveal your gift of service or a service you hadn't heard of. From sending cards to our nursing homes to playing games with a resident every week or month. Pray that you would remember our service units and churches when it is not Christmas. Pray for our units that provide coats, groceries, infant supplies, homes, medical equipment. Pray for our shelters that they would have room. Pray for our animal shelters, that the families would be blessed with the companionship of God's creatures and the employees would know God. Pray for our pantries and the lives they sustain. Pray for youth services, that the leaders be Godly role models for our youth. Pray for our military services. Pray for the churches you drive past to get here. Pray that those churches lead lives to Christ and that they serve in every way possible to fulfill Jesus' instructions for service. Pray that you see a way to serve in both time and devotion while you are capable. Ask God to use you to bring light to the world. Ask him for the opportunity to serve. Whether it's a 2 minute phone call or a life long devotion, may you be blessed ten fold in return.

Examples of Local Agencies

-Ronald McDonald House

-Habitat for Humanity

-The Plum Creek Sharing Center

-Main Street Baptist

-The Bridge

-The Freestore Foodbank

-New Hope Center

-Trinity Baptist Falmouth

-River Valley Nursing Home

-St. Elizabeth Hosptial