Kids Virtual Choir

Our Kids Virtual Choir will be performing later in the summer. ( can still submit a video though)

What You Do: 

1. Check-Out the Tutorial Videos to practice with your kids. 

2. View our Submitting Video before recording. 

You will need at least two devices (phone, tablet, computer)--one device will be for recording and a set of earphones.  

3. Record a video of your child(ren) singing the song "Gospel"

Have your child(ren) listen to the song through the earphones on one device. Then record just them singing (without the video in the background) on the other device. Be sure your phone is flipped horizontal. Two kids per video. (You can submit multiple videos if you have more than two kids)

4. Submit your video(s) by messaging Plum Creek Kids Town on Facebook

Tutorial Video

Submitting Video Instructions

Please check-out this video before submitting. 

By submitting a video you recognize and give your permission for Plum Creek to use your video in the Kids Virtual Choir that will be used during a online service streamed on both Youtube and Facebook. 

(oops... we forgot to let you know in the video, please record inside in a quiet place to eliminate background noise)

Submit your video(s) by sending us a Facebook message