Plum Creek Kids- Fall 2020

Since March 22nd, Plum Creek Kids have been virtual. We have provided families with online and at-home content to help families WIN at-home by having church at-home. As our country, state, communities, schools and church open back up during the pandemic of COVID-19, we want to make sure that we make the most informed and wisest decision possible to serve and minister to the kids and families of Plum Creek and our community. 

We are going to use the following 3-steps to determine a model of ministry for Fall 2020 for Plum Creek Kids. 

STEP ONE: Survey

STEP TWO: Data Collection and Plan Development

STEP THREE: Plan Launch

STEP 1: Survey

We have completed the survey portion of our ReOpening Plan.

STEP 2: Data Collection and Plan Development

We have completed the planning stage of our ReOpening Plan. 

STEP 3: Plan Launch


Beginning September 13th, we will be offering on-site kids programming for kids 1yr. old- 5th Grade (no infant care)

We will have programming at both the 9am and 11am services. 

Reservations will be required, due to the need to limit the number of kids per classroom. You will need to make reservations each week. Reservations can be made online at By clicking the "sign-up genius" button. 

Safety Guidelines: 

Plum Creek Kids Reopening Plan

Plum Creek Kids Sick Policy

KY Department of Health for Religious Organizations

KY Department of Health for safely Reopening Daycares

KY Department of Health for safely Reopening Schools