Faith Conversations

For five years we have been partnering with families to make a greater impact on the next generation. One of the ways we have partnered with families is by providing them with resources and tools to help them WIN at home. 

Through the years, we have offered a class on-site called Faith Conversations. This has developed and changed through the years, but we are excited to announce that Faith Conversations will be a downloadable and/or take-home resource.  

Faith Conversations is great for anyone looking to begin a conversation with their child about following and accepting Christ in faith, confession, repentance, and baptism. However, it is also a great resource for all families looking to bring faith into everyday conversation at home. 

This resource is free. The package comes with video teachings, as well as other resources, tools and book recommendations. 

Get your copy today. Available in USB Drive Set or Downloadable. 

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