Mission Trips

Plum Creek has a long history of traveling to the ends of the earth to share the Gospel of Jesus with those who have never had the opportunity to hear.  If you would like more information about one of our upcoming trips, see the links below.

Northern Africa - October 2022

Plum Creek currently has a team traveling to North Africa.  Please be in prayer for this team.

Honduras 2023

Plum Creek will be returning to Honduras in 2023.  Plum Creek has a long history with the churches in Honduras.  This trip will be July 8-15.  The cost will be $1,700 (not confirmed).  During the trip, we will be doing light construction work on a facility that will house Puentes interns.  We will also be doing a Discovery Bible Study Training with Christians at the local church.

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Australia 2023

Plum Creek supports the work of Jim & Becky Newman in Australia.  This will only be the second time we have sent a group to support their work.  This trip will be a small group (12) going to Toowoomba, Australia from 9/14-9/26.  The cost will be around $3,500.  We are encouraging participants to take the Perspectives Course.  During the trip we will be implementing Perspectives concepts, prayer walks, International Student Ministry, VBS, participating in church services, Discovery Bible Study Training.