UPSIDE DOWN- Elementary FX: Family Experience

(Release Date- April 3rd)

Jesus in both how he taught and lived was so UPSIDE DOWN from the way the world works. Serving over taking, humility over pride, others first, me last! We want to take this same kind of UPSIDE DOWN thinking and living and center our first FX around it. 

Our original plans have been canceled due to COVID-19. However on April 3rd we will be releasing ways your kids can practice humility this month, and still connect and live that same kind of upside down living that Jesus taught and lived. 

How it will work... 

Below are a list of activities and things your child can do during this time of staying #HealthyAtHome beginning April 3rd. 

This is an opportunity for you and your kids to serve the community and connect with those in our community during this time. We know it's totally different than any FX we have ever done... that's why it's UPSIDE DOWN!  


Check-out the ways you can still live upside down even during COVID-19, click here to download ideas

FX: The Family Experience

We are using Family Experiences this year as an opportunity for families to invite friends and neighbors to enjoy an evening of family fun. We want our community to know we are FOR them, and Family Experiences provide a free, safe and fun evening for families to connect and experience community.

2020 Dates: 


June 19th

September 25th


April 3rd

August 7th

October 23rd