Inviting Others to Easter Online at Plum Creek

Easter is the greatest day in all of history. And right now, perhaps more than ever for many... they need hope. They need to hear (or be reminded) of the truth that because Jesus overcame death, we can overcome anything this life throws at us. 

Invite others this Easter to join you, from their couch (or bed... because let's be honest, that's okay too). If you need some help getting started check out these sample invites from our staff.


Just this morning, I got an e-mail from a friend I haven’t heard from in years. That was really encouraging! E-mail is still a great way to communicate. You can be friendly and personal, but you can also send an invite with all the details. Just a day or two before Easter is the perfect time to reach out with an invitation. You never know how God will use it! Here’s an example:

Sample Email from Doug

Text Message

Sometimes a text message is simple but effective. Texting is a great way to stay connected with friends. It allows you to send a simple but personal message to connect. 

Here is a message I sent out  to invite someone to Easter. 

Sample Text from Jared

Phone Call

They may seem out-dated, but a phone call can sometimes be the best and most personal ask. And its a time like this that we could all use a phone call from a friend. Here is something similar to what I would say: 

Sample Phone Call from Troy

Social Media

While social distancing, people are staying connected with social media. After all, one of the places we are streaming our worship service is on social media, Facebook. A great way to connect people to the very place they will be viewing our services is to invite them from Facebook. Here is something I posted:

Sample Social Media Post from Dylan

Links and Downloads

  • Easter Promotional Video

    A great video to download and share with others. 

    Download Here

  • Link to Facebook

    We will be streaming our services on Facebook Live. 

    This will be a great link to connect people with and to share in text messages or emails. 

    Plum Creek Facebook

  • Link to YouTube Channel

    We will be streaming our services on YouTube Live. 

    This will be a great link to connect people with and to share in text messages or emails. 

    Plum Creek YouTube Channel