Most Recent Update

December 8, 2020

Dear Plum Creek family,


I appreciate the prayers for me and my family after my positive COVID-19 test. The rest of the family tested negative, and I continue to have no symptoms. My quarantine is scheduled to be over on Friday, December 11th.


That means we will move ahead with the plan I mentioned in last week’s update. We will return to in-person services on December 13th, this coming Sunday. In addition, we will once again be offering on-site Kids Ministry for toddlers through 5th grade on December 13th. All children need to be registered in advance, and you can do that by following this link:

Of course, with any and all plans right now, I have to add the caveat, “subject to change.” I didn’t expect to test positive last week, and I sure don’t know what’s coming in the weeks ahead. I do know that when possible, we want to continue to offer in-person opportunities for worship and discipleship. We are still closely monitoring the COVID conditions, and yes, there is reason for concern. We will continue to take the same safety precautions, which includes wearing a mask for the entire service. Again, we realize that there are many legitimate reasons for people to stay remote for the time being, and we very much encourage that.


I hope you had the opportunity to hear last week’s sermon. I was very encouraged by the reminder to look at God’s track record in times of uncertainty. He’s always good and always faithful. Thank you for continuing to follow Jesus during this crazy season. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, in person or online. It’s going to be a great day!


In Christ,


December 3, 2020

Dear Plum Creek family,


          I need to update you on some recent developments. This afternoon I received the news that I tested positive for COVID-19. I don’t have any symptoms and I feel just fine. :) However, I do need to be quarantined. I have been wearing a mask in the office this week, but based on CDC guidelines, we have others on staff who have been exposed and therefore need to quarantine, as well. Because of these factors, we will not be meeting in person for worship this coming Sunday, December 6th. As usual, our service will be streaming live on Facebook and Youtube at 11am. As for the next Sunday, my time in quarantine is scheduled to be finished by December 11, so unless something changes, we plan to return to in-person services on Sunday, December 13th. We’ll send another update next week to confirm that decision and give additional details.

           We’re going to keep trusting God through all of this. We know that He’s good. I’ve been working on this week’s sermon, and it’s amazing to see how God has led me to a message that already applies to this situation. I do appreciate your prayers, and I would especially ask that you pray for others in the congregation who have tested positive and are experiencing symptoms. It’s such a good thing for brothers and sisters in Christ to support each other and pray for each other. I’m very grateful for our church family. Let’s keep looking to Jesus and looking for ways to share his love.


In Christ,


November 24, 2020

Dear Plum Creek family,


I wanted to send you a brief update on our Sunday morning plans. Unless something changes, we plan on continuing with the same format for at least two more weeks (November 29 and December 6). That means we will meet in person for worship, but our preschool and kids ministry will not meet onsite. In addition, we will continue to wear masks during the entire service. Online options will still be available. We will re-evaluate after the next two Sundays, and we are praying that we’ll be back in full force as soon as possible! Whatever the case, though, we can still be the church. Next Sunday is the first week of our Christmas series, Evergreen. I hope that you’ll join us and invite a few friends to be with us too, either in person or online. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving everyone!


In Christ,


November 20, 2020

Dear Plum Creek Family,


I wanted to communicate with all of you regarding this week’s developments related to COVID-19. As you know, the situation is once again changing rapidly, and we continue to seek God’s wisdom as we make decisions for how to proceed as a church.


Cases are on the rise, and we take this virus very seriously. For months, we have been working to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and the government as closely as possible. With this week’s announcements from our governor, churches across the state are deciding how to respond. After prayer and discussion, here is where we stand at Plum Creek.


This week, the governor expressed a preference for churches to meet virtually. Also this week, he issued an executive order with this wording regarded to restrictions for indoor gatherings:  For the avoidance of doubt, this limit does not apply to in-person services at places of worship, which must continue to implement 2020-968 November 18, 2020 and follow the Guidelines for Places of Worship. Taking both of these statements into consideration, we will be meeting for in-person worship services, at least for Sunday, November 22. If, for any reason, meeting in person is not the right decision for you, we encourage you to worship online this Sunday. For the church as a whole, it’s difficult to make long-range plans, and we will continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks.


I also need to let you know that while we are meeting in person this Sunday, we will be taking additional safety measures. Please be aware of these two changes:


  •        We will require everyone in attendance to wear a mask through the entire service, with the exception of those on stage.
  •        Our preschool and elementary students will not be meeting in-person this Sunday. Our Kids ministry will continue to provide an online lesson available to watch on Youtube. In addition, the Kids ministry will be hosting virtual small groups on Sunday morning at 10:30am. Parents will be able to pick up a lesson pack at the main entrance of the church building anytime tomorrow, November 21. Dylan will be sending specific information to parents about these online options.


We know that it’s important for the church to respect the governing authorities (Romans 13:1). We also know it’s important for the church to meet and worship together (Hebrews:10:24-25). We also know that we’re called to love our neighbor (Matthew 22:39), which means being vigilant to prevent the spread of this virus. Everyone is making difficult choices right now, and as followers of Christ, we must make choices in the light of Scripture as a whole. I would ask that you pray for those who make decisions affecting large numbers of people. Thank you for your part in helping our church be a light during these challenging times. I love and appreciate all of you. I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday, one way or another!


In Christ,


4/15/2020 UPDATE:

- Plum Creek Services will be online until further notice.  We are constantly monitoring the situation locally, regionally, and nationally.  We are following guidelines to keep our congregation and community safe.

- This week, our online service will look a little different.  Staff, leaders, and volunteers are working to keep people engaged.  The change in our online service is to share more stories of our people.  Be watching for ways that you can engage in our online services.

- Plum Creek members are continuing their long history of being generous.  We are grateful for that.  It means that we are continuing to take ground for the Kingdom.  Ministry is continuing (in a new way) through this situation.  We just want you to know that the church finances are stable.

- We are asking that everyone go to to communicate with staff and leaders.  This form changes on a regular basis and we are checking it daily.  Here, you can let us know you want to join a group, tell us a story about how you are following Jesus through this situation, request prayer or help.

- Be sure to visit our Facebook page at and follow daily updates.  You can also post stories and pictures on your own feed to let us know how you are doing.  Be sure to include the hashtag #PlumCreekTogehter - we use these photos in our service!

- Sharing Center continues to give food to our neighbors on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the 13455 Alexandria Pike location.  We can also help people with food throughout the week.  Please let us know if someone needs help with food.  Requests can be made at

- Kids Ministry and Student Ministry are still happening!  Check out those pages from our homepage for information on how to keep your kids and students engaged.

- Kids at the Creek Day Care is still closed per state orders.  We are working with our staff to help them through this difficult time.  We are also producing content (packets) for our families.  Day Care families should be aware of this through contact with our director, Beth Cox.  The Day Care can reopen in Phase 2, and we are keeping a close eye on when this will happen.

3/25/2020 UPDATE:

  • We are moving forward with our decision to have Easter Services ONLINE ONLY on Sunday, April 12.
  • The response to our online services has been incredible.  Thanks for staying connected with us and sharing with your friends.
  • Look for a few new opportunities to serve others.  We are working with St. Elizabeth Hospital and Drake Hospital in Cincinnati on some important projects.
  • We are continuing our weekday connections with staff on our Facebook page.  These are happening at noon, Monday - Friday
  • LifeGroups are starting back up ONLINE.  Contact your LifeGroup leader for more information. 

We have now consolidated all of our resources on our main page.

Here you can access any of our Plum Creek resources or connect forms.  

3/17/2020 UPDATE:

  • Church services for Plum Creek will be ONLINE ONLY now through Easter on April 12.  You can watch online on FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE each Sunday at 10:45 AM.
  • Watch our FACEBOOK page for updates.  We are posting a daily prayer focus, Scripture reading plan, serving opportunities, and a daily connect from staff at noon.
  • Kids Ministry is available digitally.  Visit to access lessons, video teachings, and other resources.
  • Student Ministry is staying connected through Instagram and Facebook @plumcreekstudents.  Tony is live Monday - Friday around lunch time and Youth Groups are happening on Sundays at 5:45 on Instagram.
  • Sharing Center is taking place on Saturday 3/21.  We are limiting the number of volunteers to 10.  We are asking guests to stay in their cars.  Volunteers will load cars from 9 AM - 11:30 AM.
  • All other ministry meetings, Lifegroups, and small groups are postponed until further notice.  We are working on opportunities to keep everyone connected.

Important Links:


The Governor has asked us to close Kids at the Creek Day Care.  Please contact our Director, Beth Cox, if you are a current KATC parent and need more information.  The Day Care will re-open when we get the go-ahead from local authorities.

03/13/2020 Update

  • Our staff and elders have been monitoring the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak.  We have reached the decision that the best possible action for Plum Creek is to postpone all gatherings and move worship services online this weekend.

    The decision was made with the safety of our congregation and the health of our community in mind. It is not panic, but an abundance of caution. We will cooperate with local officials who have asked for our help by limiting large group gatherings. This includes postponing LifeGroups and other small groups, youth groups, ministry meetings, and ministry events until further notice.


    As these unique circumstances unfold across our community, country, and the world, we ask that

    you pray for those most affected. We are also making plans to find other ways to help our neighbors. It’s in moments like these when people are most open to the saving message of Jesus.

    As followers of Jesus, we are not defined by what we do for one hour on Sunday morning,

    but instead how we become the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. We will be looking for ways to help our congregation do that.


    You can continue to support our mission of leading people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus by giving online at