Due to COVID-19, BabyD is being rescheduled. 

Our team is in the works to make plans for a date that would be both safe and convenient for those who attend. A date has not yet been set. 

BabyD is a Family Dedication Event that happens every two years here at Plum Creek. The event is primarily for families with new born babies through kids two-years-old whom they are wishing to dedicate. However, we are open to conversations with families who have adopted or foster children. 

BabyD is a dedication event more for parents than the child. As you will learn in the BabyD Banquet and through the process this event is really about you, as the parent, being dedicated to raise your child to know and fear the Lord. BabyD is a three step event: 

1. Homework- after registering you will receive information on some pre-work that need to be competed before the Dedication event

2. BabyD Banquet - a banquet for your whole family to come and hear the importance of dedication and how we as a church partner with you. Bring the kids, childcare is provided. 

3. BabyD Sunday- the Sunday we celebrate your family and also make commitments to being dedicated to raising your child in the Lord.