Our Mission

Leading people to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision consists of three expressions that show how we pursue our mission as a church. They are:


 Next Steps- We will guide everyone we meet to identify and take their next step closer to Christ.


Stronger Families- We will build stronger families by centering homes on Christ, with a focus on     marriages and the next generation.


Transformed Communities- We will transform communities by mobilizing people to show the compassion of Christ.


Our Core Values

Worship: In everything we do, we want to give God glory, not ourselves, and we will encourage everyone to participate in giving Him our best.

Bible: We believe that Scripture is the true Word of God, and the guideline for everything we do. 

Prayer: We pray because we trust in God and depend on Him, and because prayer makes a difference. 

Family: Because we believe the home should be the primary place for spiritual growth, we will invest in marriages and families. 

Community: We value Christ-like relationships where truth and love are shared authentically. 

Discipleship: Every believer should be in a  continual process of growing to be more and more like Christ.

Ministry: We will help every Christian serve God and others in the unique way He designed them to serve. 

Outward Focus: We will continuously resist the urge to focus on ourselves by meeting needs in our community and around the world. 

Generosity: We will be sacrificially generous, because we serve a generous God. 

Mission: Because we believe every soul matters, we are preoccupied with reaching lost people.