7 BIG Questions

7 Big Questions: Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Life is full of questions, like “What am I going to have for lunch?” and “How am I going to
get everything done today?” Dealing with everyday questions can fill up most of our time,
but sooner or later, we have to get around to the big ones. What is this life really about?
What, if anything, comes after this life, and how can I be ready for it? You’re invited
to Plum Creek Christian Church as we take a journey through the book of Romans
to find answers to seven of life’s biggest questions. We’ll be covering these topics:

• Are all religions basically the same?
• Would a loving God send people to hell?
• Will I ever be good enough?
• Is heaven for real, and am I going there?
• Are there different paths that all lead to God?
• Am I ever going to change?
• Nobody’s perfect, so does it matter when I mess up?

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