7 BIG Questions

Life is full of questions, like “What am I going to have for lunch?” and “How am I going to
get everything done today?”

You've Got What It Takes

We all hear the voices that try to bring you down. Sometimes those voices come from the outside… sometimes they come from the inside.

Hills We Die On

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “That’s not a hill we want to die on…” We understand that not every battle is worth fighting. However, som

Relentless Love: The Book Of Hosea

In these few weeks we will look at Hosea’s life and ministry, but more importantly learn the timeless truth that God’s love for us is loyal,

Life on Mission

In this series join us at Plum Creek as we align our lives to the purpose God has laid out for us.

The Story Act 3

Journey through the Bible

The Story Act 2

Journey through the Bible

The Story Act 1

Journey through the Bible.

Life on Mission

As we begin the new year, we're introducing a theme that will become an important part of 2017 at Plum Creek: Life on Mission.


The Christmas Story of God's Unstoppable Love

Pray For One

Praying for one person to share the love of God with

Sacred Ceremonies

The Ceremonies of the Church


To live is Christ

Transforming Communities

A challenge to reach out to our community for the cause of Christ.


What keeps you up at night

From This Day Forward

A five week message series on centering marriages on Christ.


Four week sermon series entited "Imagine"

This Changes Everything

Four week sermon series entitled, "This Changes Everything"