Kids Ministry Policy and Procedures

Check-In: For the safety of your child we have a very strict check-in policy, where every child receives a name tag and the parent/guardian receives a matching claim tag. We do not allow a child to enter a classroom without being checked-in first. If for any reason you (as a parent) are needed during the service your child's number will appear on the bottom of the screens in the Worship Center. That same claim tag IS required to be shown to the volunteer when it is time to pick up your child. No one will be allowed to pick up a child without a matching security tag.

Sick Child: Coming Soon. 

Allergies: We strive to keep Kid's Town a peanut-free place. We are also mindful of other allergies and promise to never put your child in danger. It is important though that you let us know if your child has any allergies. Allergies are printed in the corner of your child's name tag when they are checked-in. 

Fire Emergency Procedure: In the event of a fire, our great team of volunteers will take your child outside to a spot we have designated as a safe-zone. You will see us there, and then we will do check-out one child at a time. 

Tornado Emergency Procedure: In the event of a tornado, our great team of volunteers will take your child to the appropriate safe room and once we have been given the 'ok,' we will proceed with check-out. If you have questions of where your child's safe room is, just ask one of our volunteers. 

Diaper Bags: For kids with diaper bags we provide an extra name-tag label that you can put on the diaper bag before bringing your child into their room.

Jackets and Other Personal Belongings: Inside each classroom is space to hang up jackets and other belongings. We ask kids only bring in necessary items (jackets, purses, etc.). We do our best to remind kids to grab all of their belongings before leaving. However, in the event that something is left, you will be able to go to the Connection Center in the Gathering Area the following week and ask one of our First Impressions Volunteers who will allow you to look in our lost and found box. Also, feel free to contact the church during the week as well. 

Pacifiers: If your infant or toddler brings a pacifier on Sunday morning, we ask that you please use a pacifier clip or at the very least, label your child’s pacifier. This will help to limit the chances of pacifier swapping. Our volunteers will check for either the clip or the label when you drop your child off.

Bottles & Sippy Cups: If your infant or toddler brings a bottle or sippy cup on Sunday morning, we ask that those be labeled as well. Our volunteers will check that these are labeled when you drop your child off. If you do not bring a cup for your child, we will have sippy cups (for toddlers) with water available for children to use. Sippy cup use will be limited to snack time then returned to each child's bag.

Snacks: A light snack is provided for 2's through Pre-K kids. Please do not send snacks with your child. Allowing us to provide this will allow each child to have the same snack and ensure they are peanut-free. Snacks include either Cheerios® or Goldfish® crackers. 

Crying: We want to make sure you have the opportunity to experience worship, however we also want to make sure you know your child is in safe hands. So unless otherwise noted by you, our rule of thumb is that we will page the parent after the child has been crying non-stop for around 10 minutes. Of course, there are exceptions, and if our volunteers feel the parent is needed earlier we will page you. 

Clean Hands: Please be sure to wash your child’s hands before entering the classroom. This prevents the spreading of germs and also to help keep our environment peanut-free. 

Child Safety: In order to keep our kids safe, we require that all kids ministry volunteers be background checked. We also have a two-person room policy (at least 2 adults a room with any group of kids). Because of this, we also do not allow parents/guardians to stay back with their child during service. If your child is having a hard time getting acclimated we have a cry room where you could hang out for a while. Just ask one of our volunteers and they will show you the way. 


These changes have been made effective on  April 1st 2017 (No April Fool's Here)